Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Breaking the Addiction

I spoke with someone that I have known for a number of years now. He just surfaced after disappearing for a few weeks or even a month. He had let himself go, and had a couple of extremely scary experiences. They scared him into drying up.

In talking to him, I realized that, for me, there was only one method to be freed from addiction. It has two parts, one part Holy Spirit, and one part iron will. I must make the decision to cooperate with the grace provided by the Holy Spirit to realize my helplessness.

This decision is ongoing, it must be made over and over, sometimes thousands of times a day. I must cooperate with grace. I must allow the Holy Spirit to deliver me from my addictions, and the demons that work on them.

The decision must incorporate a change of environment. That means letting go of those individuals and places that provide triggers for me to fall back into my addiction.

It must also incorporate a brutal honesty with myself, with those who care about me, and especially with those I have entrusted to assist me professionally with letting go.

It is truly tough to turn away from the addiction, because, it also means that I will need to face the root of it. And that, is one of the toughest parts!

Jesus, free us. Help us to embrace You, and let go of those things that interfere with our relationship. Deliver me from the demons associated with my addictions. Fill me with your Most Precious Blood, heal me, make me whole in You.

Thank You Jesus, I love you!

Pax vobis,


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