Sunday, June 24, 2007

When Life meets Death

I just recently caught a glimpse of an article in a Catholic newspaper that indicated a Western Canadian Bishop by the name of Bishop Fred Henry had withdrawn his support for the Calgary based Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform.

The reason he had withdrawn his support? Because of a campaign the organization was waging that had huge pictures of aborted fetuses.

The campaign is called the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP). And, it equates abortion with genocide.

His premise was based on the dignity of the human person. The images violate their human dignity. They deny the respect due them he said.

Why would we show images of dismembered and destroyed children to bring a "Pro-Life" point across? How are images of "death" "Pro-Life"?

The GAP campaign really is no different than the daily news, or the steady stream of violence in the media. Our children, even more so than us, are being conditioned to see this kind of violence via many different types of video/arcade/computer games, extremely violent and gory movies and more. This type of campaign will not phase them or most of us for that matter.

It is time to take a deep breath, and offer a prayer of supplication to Our Lady for guidance in the Pro-Life cause.

Who better to turn to than the Lady who carried Our Lord for nine months to discover where we truly need to focus our energies: The beauty of motherhood and pregnancy.

It will be our attitude as Catholic and Christian men towards motherhood and pregnancy that will be an instrument of conversion.

Our attitude towards our wives when they are pregnant is a very important witness to the love we have for them and Our Lady. It clearly demonstrates our awe and respect for the Gift of New Life.

Our attitude towards the women around us who are pregnant directly reflects our love for Our Lady. Any pregnant woman will know right away that our smile and offer of assistance was totally genuine and out of respect for them and for the Gift of New Life within.

Our attitude towards any woman must reflect our love for Our Lady. It must be chaste!

We Christian men must counter the culture that nurtures the attitude that life is disposable.

We must counter the culture that teaches that a woman's body is an object. The attitude of the "person as object" and the lack of personal dignity makes the decision to end a pregnancy with a "procedure" easy with little or no thought to the consequences.

Our attitude, as men of God, towards women will impact the Pro-Life cause.

The Catholic Register article: Pro-life group loses Calgary bishop's support.

Pax vobis (peace be with you),

John Everett.

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Anonymous said...

John & Lucille
I am heartened by this article.I have instead only permitted at our vigils signs 4'X4' illustrating images of live unborn children of various periods of gestation22 to 28 wweeks, with bilingual captions saying in one innstance "LOVE IS ALL I ASK",another says "GOD'S Precious INFANTS",rather than allowing images of dismembered babys.The response has been
God Bless
Kevin Murphy