Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Even More Glorious!

Many years ago prior to my conversion there were many times in many different places where I would hear

"Why would I ever want to be married to the _same_ woman for the rest of my life. How boring is that?"

Now, there is a line of truth in that saying, but the implication is that she would remain static throughout the marriage . . . that is never changing.

What person remains static throughout their life? Perhaps one that knows nothing more than fear or someone that has never tasted true freedom?

Both Lucille and I have passed through some significant moments of healing and growth lately.

So much so, that when I look at her I do not see the same woman that I saw even a month ago.

One of the more beautiful gems of Grace that comes to us in sacramental marriage is the ability to pour our heart into prayer for our spouse. No matter the circumstances, our Lord truly understands what it means to break down and pray at the deepest levels for another.

And because of that, He answers those prayers that rise from deep within our heart and spirit for our spouse. He never answers those prayers in ways we expect Him too either.

So, today, as I take a moment to eat my breakfast and take a sip of tea in between work tasks, I gaze upon the most beautiful woman I have ever encountered with my minds eye coloured by the glasses of my heart with a truly deep seated Joy. :)

I am truly blessed to have Lucille as my wife.

John Everett

Feast of Our Lady, Cause of Our Joy

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