Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A simple night time prayer before bed for children

We have a simple prayer that we pray with our children just before we say our final, "Good night".

It is offered in the form of cant/response. Lucille and/or I say it first, then Anne-Marie repeats it. Raymond is still too young yet, but he does become quiet and quite rapt during the prayer.

It goes like this:
  • Sign of the Cross +
  • Thank You Jesus
  • I love You Jesus
  • Thank You God the Father
  • I love You God the Father
  • Thank You Holy Spirit
  • I love you Holy Spirit
  • Thank you Mary
  • I love you Mary
  • Thank you St. Joseph
  • I love you St. Joseph
  • Thank you Holy Angels
  • I love you Holy Angels
  • Thank you Holy Saints
  • I love you Holy Saints
  • Thank You Jesus for Momma and Papa
  • Thank You Jesus for Raymond (siblings)
  • Thank You Jesus for today
  • Thank You Jesus for ...(anything to be thankful for)
  • Thank You Jesus
  • I love You Jesus
  • Sign of the Cross +

A hug and a kiss and, "Good night".

Pax vobis (peace be with you),

John Everett.


fr jim said...

it is a beautiful prayer.....

how about the guardian angel prayer?

one of our priests, at his mother's funeral, talked about the fact that every night he and his sister and mom/dad would pray that prayer. It was moving to hear john say that on the last night of her life, they joined mom in saying the prayer together for the last time.

JohnE said...

Fr. Jim,

Lucille actually prays that prayer and a derivative with the kids.

For some reason, this is the prayer that my heart was drawn to offer with the kids so I have stuck with it.