Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Busyness, a Thank you, and New Blog Features

Apologies to our regular readers for not being able to write and post anything over the last week. We have been extremely busy with catch-up in our business and our lives after the Christmas holidays!

Thank you to all of you who have been visiting our blog. It is reassuring and encouraging for us to see you visit and sit a while with our posts.

We have added some search topics to our side-bar that you can click on to bring up previous posts on the given topic. The ones we have chosen are topics that we touch upon frequently. If you have any suggestions for other topics please do offer them.

Please feel free to give the search topics a try, they are to be found just under the Google Search feature on our side-bar. The search results will open in a new window, so please add our blog to your pop-up blocker allow lists if you like.

Again, thank you for visiting and be assured that we pray for all of our visitors.

Pax vobis,

John and Lucille Everett

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