Sunday, January 29, 2006

Behold, Beloved Priests, I am Your Brother

Behold, beloved priests, I am Your Brother,
I have appointed you as fathers and apostles of this world.
Be near to me and rest.
I desire to cast out your feelings of unrest.
I desire to cast out all your doubts.
Have no fear.
Be near to me, I am Your God.
Come to me all who are wounded and in despair.
Depend on me.
I have not abandoned you.
Remember Me in the child Jesus.
Contemplate Me in the child Jesus.
And hold Me still, so close to your heart.
Allow My Precious Blood to flow within you.
Do not be afraid.
I am always with you.
Let Me guide you.
I will not lead you astray.
Trust in Me.
Do not give up hope in Me.
Renew your strength through Me.
Abandon yourself to Me everyday, every hour, every minute.
I will help you if you let Me.
Hold fast, my dear priests.
Your mother in heaven is near to Me.
Cry out to your Heavenly Mother.
She can help you and will show you the way to Me.
She desires to hold you close to her heart.
She desires to dry all your tears with her tender love.
Your tears are never shed in vain.
Let your tears flow.
Mary, your mother will bring them to Me.
I will take away your pain.
Then wait …

Healing and joy will come your way.
Therefore, My beloved priests, reach out to Me.
My flock is tired, My flock is suffering….
I need you now more than ever in My flock.
You are the carriers of My Word.
I need you to spread My Word to the world.
I need you.
Please come to Me always.
Come to Me. I love you.
The Holy Spirit is upon you.
Do not abandon Me, Your Shepherd, Your God.

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