Thursday, August 25, 2005

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament prayer method.

I have made a commitment to be in the Adoration Chapel early on Saturday mornings.

When coming into the Blessed Sacrament Chapel I get down on both knees and bring my head to the floor in a deep gesture of love and respect.

I then try and find a place in the chapel where I will be able to prostrate myself before the Lord, or if there is not enough room, to at least be able to go down on my arms and knees, head to the floor in adoration.

I will prostrate myself for as long as my heart needs. Once I sit up, my preferred sitting position is the lotus cross legged one.

After settling myself in, I pray for silence in my mind, heart, and spirit. I focus right in on Jesus in the Monstrance and make an act of my will recognizing His presence there.

I then have a visual prayer that I use. With my eyes closed, I see the doors of my being opening up to Jesus and my welcoming Him in. I sometimes visualize my ribs opening up to reveal the deepest places in my being to Him. Together we move deeper into my being to the place that He wants to go. The time we spend there can be short, or it can be long.

Sometimes, I open my eyes to focus right in on Him again in the Monstrance.

Sometimes, I have so many distractions in my mind, body, and spirit that I am not able to come to any form of silence. During these times I consciously make an act of my will to say no to the distractions and bring my eyes back to the Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Near the end of my stay with Jesus (usually around an hour), I will pull out my PDA and begin writing in my journal. I will spend some time writing about what the Lord and I were working on together, or talking about, or whatever it was that had happened during our close time.

I will then conclude the prayer time on my arms and knees praying for any intentions that come to my mind and heart.

Many fruits come of spending time with our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. We here in our Archdiocese are fortunate to have a Perpetual Adoration Chapel that our Archbishop has implemented. I pray all bishops do this!

The main fruit that I see at this point, is that my relationship with the Lord is growing deeper and stronger. Like a marriage, my relationship with Jesus would not last very long without spending time communicating. This fruit, and the many others flow into other areas of my life too.

Pax Vobis!


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