Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I just saw the preview last night for the new movie. We do not watch too much television in our house, so I don't often have opportunity to see things like that.

As soon as the preview came on I sensed the demon associated with the film and its attempt to enter our home. Offering a prayer of protection for our family (only Lucille and I were up fortunately) I placed Our Lord and His Cross in front of the spirit. It did not come any further.

This film, and others in this particular genre beg the question: What are we feeding our spirit on? I will not even enter the horror section of the video rental store because of the spirits there!

I do hope the triumph of our Lord on the Cross and his victory over Satan will be portrayed in this film, but I somehow doubt it.

It also brings to mind and heart the importance of having our house blessed, which we have and repeat regularly, as well as having our favourite priest come and celebrate Mass and dine with us to bring Our Lord concretely into our home. Keeping holy water, blessed salt, and blessed objects around are extremely important weapons in our spiritual warfare armaments chest!

Pax vobis,



Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great that my post was ripped down, what a very opened minded and accepting religion. Where do I sign up?

It's not Horror movies that folks need to worry about, it's the real danger in the real world. Your uneducated and ignorant opinion on monster/horror movies is very askew and wrong, you have no place to give intellectual, moral, and social instruction. Normally I wouldn't bother with this but what you are doing isn't right, you are lying about the fact that horror movies are a outlet for people to feel alive and celebrate that fact. This is part of what’s destroying the country.

and your poor, poor children, the horror that you must make them feel by putting the idea in there heads that this is real is more horrific and damaging than anything one of these movies could do!

You can rip this post down as well, which I'm sure you'll do so that you can all go on living in your make-beLIEve world. But you can't deny the fact that what I'm saying is true, and what you have done is wrong.

BTW, this film is about a true story of a 19 year old girl that a priest convicted her and her parents that she was possessed, when in fact she was epileptic, under the priests orders she was taken off of her medication and died. The priest said for her to put her "faith into a higher power... GOD"

God Bless!

JohnE said...

First, I have a right to my opinion, and to express it.
Second, if you do not agree with my opinion you have that right, and the right to express that.
However, not providing any form of reasoning, such as you have done here (somewhat), and instead calling me names is not an appropriate way to address a difference of opinion and/or world view. Thus the removal of the previous comment.
There is a difference between expressing one's opinion with the intent to understand the other's point of view, and berating another for their opinion and for expressing it.

Pax vobis,