Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

Yes, for us Canucks, it is Thanksgiving today!

Father, we thank You and praise you for the gift of Your wondrous creation! We thank You most especially for giving us the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank You Father for willingly giving Him to us with the full knowledge that He would be crucified by us.

Thank You Jesus for redeeming us! Thank You for the generous gift of suffering and then dying for us. Thank You for showing us the way, the truth, and the life. Thank You Jesus for the gift of the Sacraments that deepen our relationship in You.

Thank You Holy Spirit for dwelling in us. Thank You for inspiring us to open ourselves fully to a deep, loving, and meaningful relationship with the Father and Jesus. Thank You for bringing us closer to the Father and Jesus through the gift of Your action in the Sacraments, Scripture, and the Church.

Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, thank You for the gift of love that we share in You. Thank You for the gift of our marriage and the fruit of love in our marriage: our children. Thank You for the roof over our heads, for the cars that get us to and from the places we need to go, for the food that we eat and the clean water we drink. Thank You for the warm clothing we wear.

We praise You Most Holy God for the many blessings You bestow upon us in this life. Thank You for calling us to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Thank You for the daily Crosses we bear and the sharing we have in the suffering of Jesus. Thank You for all of life's events and the people that You place on our path, the good and the bad.

We give glory to You Most Holy God by our lives.

The Everetts

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