Friday, October 07, 2005

House of D - Movie Review

We watched a new release DVD called, "House of D" directed by, and starring David Duchovny of X-Files fame.

What a neat movie!

Duchovny plays Tom Warshaw as an adult, and Anton Yelchin plays Tommy Warshaw as a young kid turning 13 in 1970's New York, New York.

When the movie starts, Tom has a son who will be turning 13. To Tom, that is the age where one goes through a rite of passage. So, he sits down with his wife, to share with her what happened to him when he turned 13.

From there we are introduced to Tommy (Tom's younger self), and his best friend Papass (Robin Williams) who is slightly mentally challenged. We share in some of their adventures as well as some of their struggles. Many laughs and some tears too.

We also share in the many good and bad things that happen to and around Tommy.

Without giving away anything, the movie is, in my opinion, very well acted and directed. The cinematography is very well done, with each shot capturing the mood and beauty of the moment.

The story is excellent. There are many of us who can relate to the younger Tommy as well as how he deals with events as they unfold. There may be even more of us who are in the position of the adult Tom that need to reflect on how we have or have not dealt with our past. The story holds its focus very well, keeping us very much involved in the young Tommy's world. I found it very easy to be immersed into the story as it is very believable.

Something that is important to our family is what we could call a kid rating. This film easily receives a 4 out of 5. I agree with the PG-13 for the film, and that parents should check it out before inviting their kids to see it. I would not have a problem with early teenagers watching it.

The movie provides many themes and scenes that provide an invitation for conversation with our children.

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