Friday, October 07, 2005


I've always considered myself very fortunate when everything is going well in my pregnancy including my first with our daughter. I've had the normal effects of what pregnancy can physically do to a women's body which can be hard enough to deal with at times. Nonetheless, I do consider some or most of these effects such as morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn etc... a blessing in a way because I know my baby is okay and thriving.
I write about how fortunate I am because I sometimes hear or read of women with pregnancy complications such as a lady I met through my prenatal swimming class. By the way they call the class "Aquabellies" which I found rather cute. This young lady was talking about how she couldn't keep any food down in her first trimester and ended up being in the hospital. Then other complications arose lately now that she is 37 weeks. She wanted to go to a certain hospital for the birth but was told to go to a specific hospital that deals with high risk pregnancies. I just pray that everything turns out okay for her and baby.
You never know what can happen when giving birth even though you pray for the best. You never know if your baby will be premature or be totally healthy. John and I know by experience because I needed to stay in the hospital for 5 days with our first child because our daughter was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia. I can't imagine what it would be like for those who need to stay in the hospital with their little one or ones a lot longer or worse case scenario, leaving the hospital without their baby or babies in their arms at all. Luckily, we had no serious complications after we left the hospital. Thanks be to God.


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