Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Alive in Your Faith

What does it truly mean to be alive in your faith? I heard of and experienced a variety of situations through pilgrimages, conferences, meetings, church etc ... Catholic and non-Catholic of that feeling of 'alive in faith'. As a Catholic, I think that sometimes our faith can be seen as weak generally speaking. But, for some reason I can go to another Catholic church and experience a difference in the amount of energy within the parish in terms of singing, praising, and worship. I must admit certain Protestant churches are truly gifted when it comes to proclaiming their faith and everyone singing together in harmony.
Why is that? Rarely do I go to a Catholic church where I experience everyone singing together. Don't get me wrong, singing isn’t the only thing that defines a person's faith but it can play a significant role in intensifying your faith experience at church.
I believe as Catholics, we have a lot to learn from one another. And yet, "bridging that divide" per se between Protestants and Catholics is not an easy task. As Catholic, I find for the most part my belief system to be so diverse thus making it more difficult to connect with someone from another Christian church. Some beliefs are the same but are the reasons always the same for believing strongly in a certain value?
On the subject of being alive in my faith, truly alive in my faith, the event that comes to mind was the faith I experienced in Medjugorje. Never have I experienced my Catholic faith so strongly in such a universal way within the community. The people there, were alive in their faith. It seemed like the air, trees, flowers, and birds were so much more beautiful and alive. Never have I sung the songs at Mass, lifting my heart in praise and worship and my whole being as during my two trips to Medjugorje. My heart wanted to jump out for joy at the words that were sung because people around me were also doing the same. Their faith and mine were equal, universal singing to our Lord with all our might. My heart was so completely open to Jesus like never before throughout all of the Mass. When I came back to my ordinary life in Canada, what struck me right away when at Mass was the difference that I sensed within the celebration. I yearned to experience what I experienced in Medjugorje. Fortunately, I did have similar experiences at a few events, mostly conferences or pilgrimages attended here in Canada. At church I would experience the depth of faith mostly at celebrations for the Most Blessed Sacrament. I relished every minute because I knew how rare this experience was for me.
It has always been my heartfelt hope and prayer that someday with the intercession of Our Lady that we will all come to a point of being completely open in our hearts to proclaiming, singing, rejoicing in our Catholic faith!

A good Medjugorje web site.

Lucille E.

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