Friday, October 14, 2005

Taking the Long Way Home

I was blessed to receive an offer from an acquaintance through our business to head out to an NHL game this evening. It was a pretty good game.

After the game I had a decision to make, do I cut through town which means heading into the heavy traffic or do I head in the opposite direction to avoid traffic?

I took the long way home, heading towards the outskirts of the city and then cutting across near the top to get home in what turned out to be a short period of time.

During that trip, I was given an inspiration to make a turn that took me further out than I was anticipating. As it turns out, the road that I was on when that inspiration hit was actually closed at the intersection with the road that cuts across the top of town.

The Lord works in mysterious and wondrous ways!

So too is it in my spiritual life. There are times where Jesus takes me on some sort of side trip where I don't have a clue as to why He is showing me what He is, and why He is taking me in the direction that He is. I find that at times it is a lesson in obedience. I listen and obey. Other times, there is a neat gift waiting for me near the end of that side trip.

Don't get me wrong, I do struggle and sometimes get very frustrated with Him! But, after some time listening to Him, and to those that love me and support me in my family, I tend to take a deep breath and let go. Most of the time! ;*)

Ultimately, I need to understand that Jesus has what is best for me in mind when He calls me to do something. And, with St. Faustina, I sometimes need to say repeatedly, "Jesus, I trust in You!"

Jesus, teach us to trust in You. Teach us to be grateful for whatever You give us, and whatever You allow to come our way. Help us to be patient. Help us to be supple to the working of Your Holy Spirit in us. Thank You Jesus for the gift of this life! Thank You for the little things You do for us, like that inspiration to turn! Thank You Jesus for the gift of You!

Pax vobis,


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